Garde Forestier (TAPE)

Après avoir était leader sur le marché du CD-R, Cocktail Pueblo prends les manettes du lucratif marché de la Cassette Audio (Tape ou Musicassette), et c’est le mystérieux trio GARDE FORESTIER qui ouvre la voie, avec un album instrumentale aux couleurs bavantes comme sur les plus belles VHS.  Le label américain FIELD HYMS  vous propose une édition spéciale de l’Amérique qui se décline dans des teintes plus aquatique.

Garde Forestier is vaguely sinister 80’s hold music a lunatic French guru turned into mediation loops. Or perhaps it’s a Casio workstation gone on the fritz but becoming sentient, all whilst dealing with the breakdown of its physical body and the unfairness of bothering with such a burden at such a momentous time. Maybe Garde Forestier really is a front for a Danish trio of nuns who built up these tracks in the brief moments free from the rigors of monastic life. Perhaps we are witnessing the first stirring of a post-vaporwave work unbound and unmoored from its stable of lockstep clone acolytes. Perhaps.

Garde Forestier is from Tours, FR

Limited edition of 25 green cassettes w/ download card

LIKE : cassette loops, contemplation of the atrification of logic in seemingly intelligent systems, weed

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